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Frequently Asked Questions


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What is Phrase Express?
Phrase Express is a third-party software that enables you to insert boilerplate templates into any program. You can import our file to Phrase Express and start using our smart phrases in your EMR. Phrase Express offers a free trial and a license can be purchased for $50 USD.
Can I edit the the smart phrases or templates?
Once you download our auto-text file you can import it to Phrase Express. Where you can edit your smart phrases or templates and even create your own.
Does StatNote work with any EHR?
StatNote templates work with Phrase Express, which can be used in any program and with any Electronic Health Record (EHR).
Can I use StatNote in more than one computer?
Once StatNote templates are imported to Phrase Express. It can sync your phrases in the cloud with any cloud storage provider such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.


Download our e-book with all our templates and smart phrases

auto text

Download our file to be used with Phrase Express, a third-party text expander software