Effective Jan. 1, 2021, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is aligning evaluation and management (E/M) coding with changes adopted by the American Medical Association (AMA) Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Editorial Panel for office/outpatient E/M visits. This new evaluation and management services guide affects CPT codes 99201-5 and 99211-5. (Table 1). NewEstablished99201992119920299212992039921399204992149920599215Table 1. E/M office/outpatient visit codes for new patients are reduced to four. While five levels of coding are retained for established

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Healthcare Professionals

Posted by admin on  December 19, 2020
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This year has been remarkably challenging for healthcare professionals. Whether it is a gift for yourself or for one of your colleagues we have something for everyone. This holiday take some time to celebrate our heroes and what they do. Check out our top ten gift picks for the front-line fighters and be sure to comment letting us know what you are getting this year! Fluidstance Sitting is the new smoking. If your new year’s
Thousands of Doctors’ Offices Buckle Under Financial Stress of COVID Laura Ungar November 30, 2020 Cormay Caine misses a full day of work and drives more than 130 miles round trip to take five of her children to their pediatrician. The Sartell, Minnesota, clinic where their doctor used to work closed in August.Caine is one of several parents who followed Dr. Heather Decker to her new location on the outskirts of Minneapolis, an hour and
Looking for a straightforward way to expedite your medical documentation without having to spend a fortune on a scribe or dictation software? Using dot phrases (also known as smartphrases or autotext) is the way to go. The “trick” is to really master the art of writing notes with templated text. This approach can help you finish all your clinic and hospital notes on time without having to stay after hours to complete your progress notes
(Lydia Zuraw/KHN illustration; Getty Images) To Free Doctors From Computers, Far-Flung Scribes Are Now Taking Notes For Them Sarah Kwon October 1, 2020 Podiatrist Dr. Mark Lewis greets his first patient of the morning in his suburban Seattle exam room and points to a tiny video camera mounted on the right rim of his glasses. “This is my scribe, Jacqueline,” he says. “She can see us and hear us.”Jacqueline is watching the appointment on her

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