Looking for a straightforward way to expedite your medical documentation without having to spend a fortune on a scribe or dictation software? Using dot phrases (also known as smartphrases or autotext) is the way to go. The “trick” is to really master the art of writing notes with templated text. This approach can help you finish all your clinic and hospital notes on time without having to stay after hours to complete your progress notes
(Lydia Zuraw/KHN illustration; Getty Images) To Free Doctors From Computers, Far-Flung Scribes Are Now Taking Notes For Them Sarah Kwon October 1, 2020 Podiatrist Dr. Mark Lewis greets his first patient of the morning in his suburban Seattle exam room and points to a tiny video camera mounted on the right rim of his glasses. “This is my scribe, Jacqueline,” he says. “She can see us and hear us.”Jacqueline is watching the appointment on her
Should you use 99213 or 99214 for your patient visit? Most primary care clinicians don’t fully understand all the nuances they must consider when determining how to code for billing  for an office visit. Many leave money on the table and “undercode” for fear of being flagged or audited by CMS or commercial payers. While no reputable healthcare practitioner would purposefully commit billing fraud or abuse, no one wants to end up paying fines or
No time to read the journals? No problem. These podcasts are jam-packed with pearls to keep you up-to-date in your clinical practice. We’ve also included some other great podcasts with very entertaining and thought-provoking content that will make you ponder, laugh and even cry. Enjoy them while you are on call or listen while commuting. They won’t disappoint. Let’s get to it. AFP: American Family Physician PodcastJAMA Clinical ReviewsEnd-of-Life Conversations: The TalkThe NocturnistBedside RoundsTradeoffsFixing HealthcareThe
Great lecture for all the incoming interns and graduating residents in primary care specialties. In this session we discuss physician burnout causes and some interesting statistics. The second part of the lecture focuses on efficiency and productivity tools specifically aimed to the outpatient setting. Resources: Ninja Stick https://amzn.to/3gNUJrb Best Seller StatNote Book (read for free with kindleunlimited) https://amzn.to/2C0skPJ Setting Up Favorite Orders in Your EHR article Subscribe to StatNote Newsletter for more productivity tips!

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