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PhraseExpander pastes all your frequently used dot phrases into any EHR in a snap!

1,000+ dot phrases on any EHR and any computer

No more typing the same progress note over and over again!

Are you tired of eating lunch at your desk and staying after hours or working from home to complete your progress notes?

Documentation is the main cause of physician burnout.

Discover a simple fix to take back control of your time in the clinic and enjoy practicing medicine.

Document at the speed of light with KISS dot phrases

100 dot phrases
1,000+ dot phrases
Requires a PhraseExpander active subscription*
Customize and edit your dot phrases
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* PhraseExpander has a 21-day free trial. To continue using PhraseExpander you need to buy a life-time license. Standard $59 / Professional $149 / Medical $249.
StatNote recommends getting either a Professional or Medical license to get full functionality of our dot phrases.

😃 – Try our demo for free. No credit card needed. Buy only if you like our dot phrases and the product is working for you.

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I registered to get the free demo but never got the welcome email.

Please check your spam folder or promotions folder if you are using gmail. If you still can’t find the email please contact us.

I was able to register and download PhraseExpander however I’m having trouble installing into my clinic computer.

Unfortunately, this is a common issue. If you don’t have admin rights to your computer you might not be able to install PhraseExpander on it. But don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Check out StatNote Ninja Stick.