Ninja Stick PRO

1,000+ dot phrases and templates loaded on a USB memory stick.

Runs from the USB on any Windows computer, no need for software installation. Document directly on any EHR.

It is a great option if you do not have administrative rights for your computer and cannot do any software installation.


Powered by PhraseExpress portable edition.

Included FeaturesPROStandardDemo
Top 100 dot phrases
StatNote PRO 1,000+ dot phrases
Unlimited use
Sync on all your devices
Customize and edit your dot phrases
Runs from USB
Email support
PhraseExpress Portable Edition
PhraseExpress Professional
Online Personal Session

* PhraseExpress Professional life-time license. PhraseExpress® is a major productivity application developed by Bartels Media. StatNote is a PhraseExpress® affiliate.

You will not be able to use StatNote Ninja Stick if you are unable to open Windows File Explorer to open your USB flash drive.

Ninja Stick Standard Edition only available at Amazon.

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I bought my Ninja Stick on Amazon and want to get the PhraseExpress Professional edition.

Ninja Sticks sold on Amazon are loaded with a PhraseExpress installation file that includes all features of the Pro version. After 30 days, the software turns into the freeware for personal use and occasional license reminder appear if you continue to use paid features without a license.

If you would like to purchase the PhraseExpress Professional edition please visit the PraseExpress Shop.

Ninja Sticks sold on our website include PhaseExpress Professional edition.