Warning: What you are about to read and implement might make your colleagues envious. An extended version of this article was featured in The White Coat Investor: 4 Tips to Increase Your Primary Care Physician Income Do Primary Care The annual physical is falling out of style, at least in adult medicine. But insurance companies pay for preventive care for a reason. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Some doctors sprinkle

6 Lessons to Make the Most Out of Your Dot Phrases

Posted by admin on  December 6, 2019
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Lesson 1. First, let's learn about inline search. It's almost impossible to memorize all the 1,000+ dot phrases available. By using inline search you can look up keywords to easily find them. Inline search: Query keywords to find the exact dot phrase you need to use to document in your progress note.Lesson 2. The main template we recommend you use in your progress note is the “no-touch” dot phrase (everything documented can be gathered from

Setting Up Favorite Orders in your EHR

Posted by admin on  October 19, 2019
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After documentation, the second time-consuming tasks that clinicians dread is putting orders in their EHR. This study shows that it takes an average of 62 clicks to order a Tylenol, and worse, with an error rate of 7%. Having a set of favorite or quick-pick orders is essential to save precious time in the clinic. Like with dot phrases, taking time to organize your preferred orders will save you time with future patient encounters. Favorite

Tips for Efficient Documentation

Posted by admin on  October 2, 2019
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A Regular Day in Clinic You start your day with the goal of staying on schedule and keeping up with your progress notes. It takes more than 10 minutes for your medical assistant (MA) to room and take the patient’s vitals, so you only have 10 minutes left to see your first patient. You spent 15 minutes in the room. Not too bad, you are only five minutes behind. However, you didn’t have time to

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