What is a dot phrase?

AKA smart text, auto text, smart phrases, macros, templates.

They are abbreviations or acronyms (usually they start with a “.” [dot].) When typed in a note (i.e.: “.dm” for diabetes) they summon a pre-saved boilerplate template or text snippet that replaces the abbreviation and gets inserted in your progress note. This is an easy way to speed up medical documentation. They save users time by avoiding them to type repetitive text commonly used in charts.

They are not only used to complete a SOAP notes, but also to document a procedure, write a patient letter, or even insert a short CPT code.

They sometimes have a bad reputation of bloating the note with useless information. StatNote’s dot phrases are concise and help capture only the essentials of the visit. They are dynamic and allow for the user to edit them “on the fly” to reflect accurate information.

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