Getting Started

Follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Create an account.

Step 2: Download TextExpander.

Step 3: Get your dot phrases.

Step 1

StatNote partners with TextExpander® to provide and use our templates. First you need to create an account with TextEpander. If you don’t have a TextExpander® account click here to create one.

If you already have an account skip the first two steps and go to Step 3.

Once you fill out all the information click Sign Up to create an account.

You will receive an email to complete your TextExpander account and verify your email address. If you don’t see the email check your spam or promotions inbox (in gmail).

Open the email and click on Verify Me!

Select your communication preferences and complete the How did you hear about us? section. Then click Continue.

A box will pop-up prompting a selection between Life Hacker and Team. You want to select Life Hacker since your account will be for personal use.

TexExpander® is an independent software company. It has a 30-day free trial. Individual accounts cost $4.95/month or the equivalent of $3.96/month if billed annually. 

For now click on Test Drive for a free 30-day trial.

Step 2

Next download the TextExpander app.

Make sure you download the correct file for your computer (Windows, Mac, Chrome).

Double click on the file you downloaded to install it to your computer. Once you run the installation TextExpander automatically launches in Windows (double click in the icon for Macs). You can sign in with the credential you created at the earlier.

Having trouble downloading the app? Are you using a public computer in your clinic or hospital? Click here for a workaround solution.

Step 3

Where are my dot phrases?

Ok this is the last step. And it is critical to get access to your dot phrases.

Go back to your email inbox. Click on Step 3: Get your dot phrases.

The link will pop a browser window on TextExpander website. Click on Subscribe to Group.

A green box will pop-up stating that you have subscribed to the snippet group. (snippets = dot phrases/templates).

That’s it! Now you should have access to all our templates. Go back to the TextExpander window.

If you want to edit your dot phrases you will need to right-click StatNote PRO – primary care library and select Duplicate. This will create your own copy of the snippet library. * ( this feature is currently only available for Mac users)

If you have any technical difficulties or questions contact our support staff or write a comment below.

Remember you can use your dot phrases in any EHR. Basically any text box where you can type with your computer.

It’s almost impossible to remember all the dot phrases. You can use a feature called inbox search to look up your template or dot phrase. Press the hotkey Control + / (Windows) or Command + / (Mac).

If you created your own copy of the snippet group or were using our demo version, make sure you disable the Inline Search function for those snippet groups you are no longer using. Otherwise all the copies will show up when you search for a specific dot phrase.

Click here to learn the basics about using statnote.

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