How Chartnote’s Next-Gen Voice-Recognition AI powered by Augnito Is Revolutionizing the World of Medical Documentation

Long live medical transcription! Despite many people in the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) forecasting the demise of medical transcription, this industry is manifesting tremendous progress. 

Artificial neural networks are slowly becoming a common theme in the medical sphere. Medical dictation software has revolutionized the healthcare industry through automatic speech recognition. Medical practitioners are now readier than ever to devote their time to treating patients instead of focusing on endless administrative tasks. 

First, let’s understand what AI medical transcription is and what makes it better than conventional medical transcription. 

What Is AI-Based Medical Transcription? 

AI-based medical transcription uses artificial intelligence, medical speech recognition, and natural language to listen into the natural patient-physician conversation, parse out the medically relevant information and then summarize that information into compliant notes pertinent to the patient’s presentation. 

Unlike conventional transcription tools, AI-based transcriptions go beyond verbatim summarization—moreover, it’s more cost-friendly. Below is an outline of other reasons that make AI-based medical transcription tools superior to conventional medical transcription. 

Reasons Why AI-Based Medical Transcription Is Better Than Conventional Transcription

Below are some of the benefits physicians accrue from using AI-based transcription software instead of conventional software: 

Improved accuracy  

Unlike traditional transcription methods, AI-powered transcription software can learn from its mistakes. Whenever a doctor makes adjustments to a patient’s notes, the AI algorithm incorporates the changes quickly, thereby improving the accuracy of future documentation. The more the software learns a particular doctor’s vocabulary and speech pattern, the fewer mistakes it makes. 

Real-time savings

Whereas conventional medical transcription transcribes word by word, AI transcription only documents medically relevant information-It can identify and remove conversational speech and small talk nuances and only retain the conversation pertinent to a patient’s medical condition. 

Moreover, AI transcription eliminates the need to write, dictate, or edit notes. It, therefore, saves doctors up to 3 hours of documentation. 

Improvement in patient outcomes

When using traditional transcription methods, doctors have to record the information on devices like computers for review. AI transcription eliminates the need for doctors to undertake such tasks. This transcription method allows doctors to turn away from their computers and phones and carry out a natural conversation with their patients. The increase in doctor-patient interaction results in major changes in medical outcomes, including improved patient participation, higher immunization rates, and better preventive healthcare. 

What Is the Best AI-Powered Speech Recognition Software?

Medical transcription has seen radical changes since the early days of papyrus paper and reed brushes. What began as a way of increasing workflow and standardizing patient care has since led to one of the greatest pain points in modern healthcare. 

That’s not all. Various medical tech companies are working day and night to develop conversation AI transcription to further reduce physician burnout due to numerous documentation. 

While such inventions will be a welcomed addition to the medical field, things aren’t that bad currently. With the emergence of medical dictation solutions such as Chartnote’s next-generation AI voice-recognition powered by Augnito, physicians have since seen a reduction in the baggage of medical documentation. As a consequence, physician’s ability to provide better health care has improved.

While numerous software with speech-recognition technology have emerged in the recent past, Chartnote remains one of the best amongst the lot. Below is a discussion on how Chartnote’s Next-Gen AI Voice-Recognition compares with other software and why it is superior. 

A Brief Overview of Chartnote

Chartnote is the AI-based medical dictation software that gives medical practitioners a new way of writing their progress notes. It is better organized, faster, and more convenient than traditional methods. 

Recently, we partnered with Augnito to integrate speech recognition into our app. The new additions resulting from our partnership enable our medical software to provide next-generation artificial intelligence with the best in class accuracy. 

On one hand, you can dictate your notes when your patients have higher complexity and don’t fit the mold. On the other hand, it enables you to document thousands of dot phrases and templates for those repetitive patient presentations. 

How Does Chartnote Compare to Nuance Dragon Medical One? 

Nuance Dragon is one of the most used medical transcription software in the US. More than 60% of doctors in the US use it for patient documentation. However, in the recent past, Chartnote has started stamping its authority as a viable alternative. That said, let’s find out how these two AI-based medical voice-recognition applications compare. 

For starters, while Nuance sells directly to enterprises, Chartnote sells directly to consumers (clinicians). As such, you can acquire the latter more easily, especially if you are a medical practitioner in private practice. 

Also, Nuance Dragon Medical One tends to be more costly. You’ll have to fork out a $99 monthly subscription (plus $500 implementation fees) or over $1,600 for a license to use the latest edition of Dragon Medical Practice Edition. You’ll spend less when you opt to use Chartnote.

Another distinguishing factor between these two apps is the level of accuracy in recording documents. While it’s incontestable that Nuance Dragon is among the most accurate medical transcription software, Chartnote does one better; it offers high-grade accuracy levels for diverse accents. Moreover, it also uses dot phrases that are easier and faster to look up than the templates on Nuance Dragon. As such, it gives doctors an easier time documenting patient information.  

Why Should You Opt for Chartnote? 

The medical field has always been at the forefront of technological advancements. Our voice-to-text software aligns with the changes in this field. Below are the reasons that make our AI-powered speech-recognition software the best documentation tool a medical practitioner could ever ask for. 

  • Availability of dot phrases and templates: these features enable physicians to capture the essential information of each patient visit with minimal effort. Physicians can type a few characters that then expand into a full paragraph with concise and easy-to-edit information about the patient’s presentation.
  • It gives medical practitioners a simple fix to the mundane annoyance of medical documentation: Taking down notes on a patient’s health condition can be a daunting task, especially if the medical condition is complicated. Our AI-powered voice-recognition software eliminates such laborious tasks. It helps give you control of your time as a clinician such that you won’t have to stay after hours or work from home to complete your notes.  
  • High Accuracy levels: This medical dictation tool boasts of being the most accurate available. Its medical voice-recognition ability enables physicians to obtain accurate patient information conveniently. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an efficient medical transcription tool, then Chartnote is your go-to tool. You will be assured of precise documentation at pocket-friendly rates. Create a free account today.

What has been your experience with other medical dictation solutions like Dragon or 3M M*Modal? Share your experience by commenting below.

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